Alcohol: Decatur Psalm Mixed Drink

Disclaimer:  The Wildly Styley Community does not condone drinking and driving.  Nor does this group condone under age drinking or drinking while pregnant. Please drink responsibly.

The drink is called a Decatur Psalm.  It’s made with the good Brandy or Cognac, Cranberry Juice, and a Starlite breath mint.  Don’t forget the glass made especially for spirits.  It you’re at a party, one of those colorful party cups will work.

Put ice in your glass/cup.

Add 2 shots of the Brandy or Cognac.  Or you can pour free hand.

Add a splash of Cranberry juice. Or pour to taste.

Stir it up.

Drop in a starlite mint (this is optional).

Don’t knock it until you try it.

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