Michelle Obama….shows off arms

Michell O

Michelle O

If you got IT, you got IT.  If not than you hate IT.  That’s the case with the First Lady of the United Snakes of America Michelle Obama.  She is extremely attractive and has the body type to match.  So…what’s the huge deal with her wearing sleeveless dresses?  Showing off her toned arms.

1.     The chunky women of America who have that punching bag flabby (suppose to be a tricept) arms are upset with her.

2.     The Republicans are upset with her.

3.     Anyone in the media who wants to be known for their negative spin on an event are upset.

Whatever the deal, we all know she’s sex and is a trend setter.

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1 Response to “Michelle Obama….shows off arms”

  1. 1 ulunma
    March 2, 2009 at 10:11 AM

    Yes, Michelle has lovely arms – but for pete’s seek she’s now the First Lady who should stand tall above others so she should dress more formally. The sleeveless clothes should be reserved for the casual summer outings not important state events. I’m sure she also has good behind but will not walk about in pikini. Most of the time the critics are the best advisers rather than praise singers. I hope Michelle will take notice.

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