Real Interview: Wakina



Gee Pleezer (GP):  When were you discovered? 

Wakina (W):  I would have to say the beginning of this year, 3 months into modeling.

GP:  What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome in the modeling industry? 

W:   I guess it would have to be the negative criticism, once you get the right exposure your like a target for the haters.

GP:  They say pretty girls have all the fun.  What is the most unique thing a person ever tried to give you or do for you? 

W:  Well recently I had a fan who’s a chef, make a dessert for me and name it after me.  I thought that was so sweet!

GP:  Being based out of Atlanta, what do you do to make yourself stand out from the other models in Atlanta? 

W:  Well…standing out is not hard for me, I’m 5 “10”, it would be hard to miss these long legs.

GP:  What are you doing when you’re not out on a photoshoot or working on a project?  What does Wakina like to do where there’s some down time?

W:  Relax with my family, my family is very close.  So I try to spend as much time with them as possible.

GP:  Obviously you’re in great shape.  How do you maintain that “Perfect 10” figure? 

W:  I usually will do a routine work out for a few hours twice a week, that consists of squats, light weight lifting and crunches….lmao nah! It’s genetic 🙂

GP:  Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

W:  A household name and owning my own modeling/talent agency.

GP:  Any parting words?  Up and coming projects, etc? 

W: Well I want to say thank you for this interview and to my vip’s for all the support and love they have shown me from the start.  I have so much in stored, but you just will have to watch out for me.  You can find me in a new music video, which will be released soon.  I will be in a few 2010 calendars, more magazines features, and of course some cover issues!  Also my official site will be launching soon
http://www.truthis007.com make sure to visit my preview and join my email list.  I’m always on twitter so make sure to send me a
tweet @ http://twitter.com/truthis007 God Bless!

GP:  Thank you for your time and I wish you the best.

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