Bling On A Budget: Saint Valentine’s Day Edition

Creativity is the word of the day if you don’t have the money and want to make an impression.

The commercialism of Valentine’s Day is a killer.  Heart and hearts galore are all over the place.  The pressure is on and your pockets are hurting.  What is a poor soul to do?

1.  Have your game plan together.  Know what he/she likes. 

2.  Get your cooking skills up.  Show that person that you can hook up a steak better than Ruth Chris.  2 T-Bones or 2 Filet Mignon’s should cost around $12.00 – $18.oo at the grocery store.  Don’t forget to add a few side items, great music, and the candles.

3.  Know your flower vendors.  Know where you can get the best flowers for the best prices.

4.  Try to make or acquire their favorite drink.  This won’t be a difficult task if your person is a lush, a wino, a drunk, or an alcoholic.  Those types of people would be content with anything that’ll get them drunk.

Those are meerly tips.  If you have been sincere all of last year, you can come with a box of heart candy, a hand written love letter, a bottle of wine, smelling good and looking good, and that will do it.

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