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This Is Your Neighbor: Jennifer LaPenta

Some airhead floosie name Jennifer LaPenta decided that she wanted to go inside a United States court of law (traffic court) wearing what some would deem an ‘offensive’ t-shirt.  The crazy thing is, she was only there for moral support.  This dimwit bimbo sat in front rows of the court room and the presiding judge saw the message on the t-shirt, “I have the PUSSY so I make the RULES”,  and called Ms. LaPenta to front.

At some point the judge slapped her with 2 days in jail.  Read more for THE TRUE SOURCE.


This Is Your Neighbor: Lorraine Bulloch


Talk about having anger issues.  This time around Lorraine Bulloch of Garden City, GA is going to blame it on the alcohol.  This one here got highly upset because her brother brought home the wrong brand/type of beer.  So upset, she threw a knife at him.  Maybe she’s a King Cobra drinker and he bought Old English 800 or some ol’ Billy D. William Colt 45.

The real kicker to the story is not the fact that she was trying to injure her brother.  The thing is, she threw the knife, her brother ducked, and the knife struck a 3 year old girl.  Read more from THE TRUE SOURCE.


Real Interview: Montana Deleon

Montana Deleon

Gee Pleezer:  Where are you from?
Montana Deleon:  Miami, FL

GP:  How did you get started in modeling?
MD:  A model scout recruited me in the post office.

GP:  Are there any trailblazers in the industry that you look up to?
MD:  Yes, Trya Banks.

GP:  What do you think are your best features; both physical and non-physical?
MD:  My eyes and my down to earth personality.

GP:  What are some of your current interests? Any Hobbies?
MD:  I like writing relationship books.

GP:  What type of personality do you have?
MD:  Outgoing, funny, down to earth and out spoken.

GP:  What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
MD:  Bought me a vibrator.

GP:  Worst ever work experience?
MD:  None.

GP:  What qualities do find attractive.
MD:  Success.

GP:  Can you tell us something about yourself that people would find shocking?
MD:  I ride motorcycles.

GP:  Any future plans? Any business endeavors?
MD:  I’m working on my own love, sex, and relationship talk show.  Also I’m finishing up my first book entitled “How to Treat a Man like a King”.

GP:  Any last words for the fans?
MD:  Please stay tuned to


This Is Your Neighbor: Richard and Mayumi Heene



This balloon / spaceship looking object had cause quite a stir.  85 % of America thinks it was a Hoax, 10% is glad young 6-year-old Falcon Heene is ok, and 5% think this situation could have happen to anyone.  As for Richard and Mayumi Heene of the Wife Swap reality television show fame, the authorities will be looking closer into this “run away balloon emergency”.  These motherfu(kers are crazy storm chasers looking for some publicity.  Remember, we were the first ones to openly label Richard and Mayumi Heene as motherfu(kers.


Real Interview: Wakina



Gee Pleezer (GP):  When were you discovered? 

Wakina (W):  I would have to say the beginning of this year, 3 months into modeling.

GP:  What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome in the modeling industry? 

W:   I guess it would have to be the negative criticism, once you get the right exposure your like a target for the haters.

GP:  They say pretty girls have all the fun.  What is the most unique thing a person ever tried to give you or do for you? 

W:  Well recently I had a fan who’s a chef, make a dessert for me and name it after me.  I thought that was so sweet!

GP:  Being based out of Atlanta, what do you do to make yourself stand out from the other models in Atlanta? 

W:  Well…standing out is not hard for me, I’m 5 “10”, it would be hard to miss these long legs.

GP:  What are you doing when you’re not out on a photoshoot or working on a project?  What does Wakina like to do where there’s some down time?

W:  Relax with my family, my family is very close.  So I try to spend as much time with them as possible.

GP:  Obviously you’re in great shape.  How do you maintain that “Perfect 10” figure? 

W:  I usually will do a routine work out for a few hours twice a week, that consists of squats, light weight lifting and crunches….lmao nah! It’s genetic 🙂

GP:  Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

W:  A household name and owning my own modeling/talent agency.

GP:  Any parting words?  Up and coming projects, etc? 

W: Well I want to say thank you for this interview and to my vip’s for all the support and love they have shown me from the start.  I have so much in stored, but you just will have to watch out for me.  You can find me in a new music video, which will be released soon.  I will be in a few 2010 calendars, more magazines features, and of course some cover issues!  Also my official site will be launching soon make sure to visit my preview and join my email list.  I’m always on twitter so make sure to send me a
tweet @ God Bless!

GP:  Thank you for your time and I wish you the best.


Faux Interview: Roxy Reynolds

Roxy Reynolds Faux Interview

Roxy Reynolds Faux Interview

Gee Pleezer (GP): Foxy Roxy

Roxy Reynolds (RR): Hi Gee Pleezer.

GP: Damn, you are really making my blog hot.

RR: I’m making you hot too.

GP: You ain’t never lie.  I’ve been seeing you around the web since I started surfing porn back in 2002.

RR: I’ve been doing my thing.  A combination of movies and photos.

GP: Damn…I haven’t seen a booty this thick up close since I did that Tiara faux interview.

RR: I’m gonna’ need you to stay focus.

GP: Okay.  I’m back.  Anyway, what’s the craziest thing you ever did in one of your ‘P.G. 21′ nasty movies?

RR: LOL….Man!  So it’s like this.  There was this scrub on the set.  On my set that is, trying to upstage me.  He was a buster.  It went like this.  I just got done with a scene with me giving head.  Instead of swallowing, I kept the cum in my mouth.  He comes in for his scene.  Walking like he ran shit.  So I’m on top of him slowly undoing his pants.  I went to kiss him.  While kissing him I skeeted the other guy’s cum in his mouth.


RR: I jumped up.  That motherfucker was going crazy.  My security handled him though. 

GP: I don’t want to ever kiss you.

RR: I didn’t like him so I was like “fuck it”. 

GP: Wow.

RR:  Dudes need to watch what bitch they piss off.

GP:  I’m lost for words.  However, what’s in store for you in the ’09?

RR: I’m going to be at Bikers Week 2009 in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I’ll probably be there on May 23rd.

GP: Along or with someone.

RR: It won’t matter, the scrubs will get the nut if they aren’t careful.  Actually, I’m rollin’ with a bunch of other hoes.

GP: I’ll be there.

RR: I’ll see you there.  In the mean time, come over and give me a kiss….LOL


Faux Interview: Tiara Harris

Tiara Harris

Tiara Harris

Gee Pleezer (GP): Tiara Harris

Tiara Harris (TH): That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

GP: You’re a sassy one I see.  Anyway, so what makes you stand out from all the other Internet models?

TH: What doesn’t?  I’m 5’10” first of all.  Most of these “fly by night” so called Internet models are short.  What they call thick, I call fat.  2nd, I’m a natural beauty.  Never airbrushed or photo shopped.

GP: I see what you mean.

TH: West Sideeee..! (she actually made W’s with her fingers)

GP: What?

TH: I was shoutin’ out where I’m from. (she made W’s again with her fingers)

GP: Oh…okay.  On a normal day out and about, has anyone ever mistaken you for a prostitute?

TH: Once or twice.

GP: So….

TH: So I told the police officers I only do private parties.  We finalized the deal on the spot. 

GP:  Yeah, okay.  What the business with your website.

TH: I thought you’d never ask.  My site is tight.  I’m a pioneer in that area.  I revolutionized the whole internet model thing. 

GP: Do you believe you have the staying power.  I mean, you have Super Head, Diznee, Bria Miles, and Buffy the Body to compete with.

TH:  LOL…you’re funny.  I see YOU lookin’.  You like this ass..don’t you!  You’re probably rock hard.  Come on now, I’m the baddest bitch in the industry.

GP:  (she ain’t lying about that) Super Head and Buffy has been on the national stage.  Super Head did Oprah, and Buffy was “Big Booty Judy” in the movie ATL.

TH: So…I’m Tiara…I paved the way for them.  I started the big booty movement.  Ya heard me!

GP: Any tips for the wanna be booty models?

TH: Yes.  Cellulite is NOT cute.  Cottage Cheese thighs aren’t sexy.  Big stomachs and stretch marks are a no no.  If you’re going to suck a rapper’s dick make sure you at least get a part in the video. 

GP: There you have it.  Thanks for your time and I wish you well.

TH:  You wish you could smack this ass….don’t you Gee Pleezer?  It’s all good.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to…

GP:  You’re a tease. 

TH: See ya’ around like a doughnut!


Faux Interview: Rick Ross “The Boss”

Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Gee Pleezer (GP): Rick Ross the boss…

Rick Ross (RR): I had to get at DJ Vlad.  I’m from the streets you know.

GP: You a Miami native.

RR: Port of Miami.  Trilla!

GP: No, I mean were you born and raised in the M I A.

RR: M I A? Naw, I was born in a hospital.  After that I hit the streets.  I couldn’t wait to push weight and gain weigh.  I was the only one doin’ it out of my baby stroller.

GP: (WTF ever) What’s the business on the C.O. controversy.

RR: When I was locked up man…the C.O’s. tried to exploit me, know what um’ sayin’.  They was usin’ my name RICK ROSS THE BOSS so they could get weight.

GP: To get it inside the prison.

RR: That’s true all the way around. You see this medallion.  This is me.  This is how your rent to own.  $45.99 a week for 5 years.  I got 2 more years to go.

GP: That interview 50 Cent did with your baby momma was on fire.

RR: That hoe sold out for a coat.  The thing is, it’s too fuckin’ hot in M I A for a coat…LOL.  She should’ve told that fool to get her a car. 

GP:  That would have made more sense.  I guess 50 knew how to pimp that hoe.

RR: (Rick Ross quickly stood up in anger) Yo, for real, where do you get off callin’ my baby momma a hoe? 

GP: I didn’t mean anything by it.  I was speaking on your level.  You just called her a hoe.

RR:  I do for entertainment purposes.  I love Tia. I love my baby momma.

GP: Right.

RR: (his eyes began to water) This interview is over man.  I gots to go…

GP: Ok…well let me know if I do anything for you.

RR: Fuck you!