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Alcohol: Yuengling Brand Beer

Yuengling Beer

Yuengling Beer

Beer is good.  I’ve been drinking it for a while now.  I make an attempt to try different types every now and then.  A few months back I saw this brand…”Yuengling”.  I didn’t pay it any attention for a while.  That is until I went out of town.

I was out of town in a bar and they had it on tap.  I saw people, one after one asking for it by name.  It’s pronounced “Ying Ling”.  However on that night, I said “give me a glass of  that Eagle and Barrel.”  Once served, I asked the correct pronunciation of the beverage.

It’s a different taste.  I’m still trying to figure it out.  It’s an American brew.  It’s not over barring and doesn’t leave a bitter after taste.  Even after 4 or 5 bottles.  I like it a lot.  The cost averages $10.99 for a 12 pack and is well worth it.  This brand will be great to introduce at a party for those who are unaware.  As always, don’t knock it until you try it.


Alcohol: Decatur Psalm Mixed Drink

Disclaimer:  The Wildly Styley Community does not condone drinking and driving.  Nor does this group condone under age drinking or drinking while pregnant. Please drink responsibly.

The drink is called a Decatur Psalm.  It’s made with the good Brandy or Cognac, Cranberry Juice, and a Starlite breath mint.  Don’t forget the glass made especially for spirits.  It you’re at a party, one of those colorful party cups will work.

Put ice in your glass/cup.

Add 2 shots of the Brandy or Cognac.  Or you can pour free hand.

Add a splash of Cranberry juice. Or pour to taste.

Stir it up.

Drop in a starlite mint (this is optional).

Don’t knock it until you try it.


Svedka Vodka

Sugar is sweeter but liquor is quicker. Anyway, don’t know where that came from. Back to the topic at hand…ALCOHOL. In my younger years, I swore that “Smirnoff” was the best vodka in the United States of America. It was the only brand of vodka I saw while at various gatherings.
Now in the year 2009, actually 4 years prior, I have come to learn. I have learned that the price of vodka has nothing to do with qualilty. The average “bling blinger” vodka of choice is “Grey Goose” (GG). I’ve had it. It’s good. But not worth the price tag.
So it’s Friday night. I’m about to hook up and get something going with her. She wants to do martini’s. I visit the liquor store. I cruse the isles. There’s “Kettle One”, “Sky”, “Seagrams”, ol “Smirnoff”, the all mighty “Grey Goose”, and a bunch of other less desirables.
One of the clerks approached me and asked if I needed some help. He pointed out the Svedka to me. Made in Lidköping, Sweden. I was thinking that the liquor store people were trying to move this bullshittin’ product. The clerk stated the 1/2 gallon was $17.99 and it was way better than Grey Goose based off of taste test.
Whatever, I was sold. I was getting it for mixed drinks anyway so it wasn’t a huge loss. I arrived to ol’ girl’s house with it. She gave me a suspect look. Moments later I opened the bottle and poured her and myself a shot. It went down smooth as soft feet. She was impressed and commenced to getting drunk off the martini’s I made.
Svedka is what’s hot.