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Freaknik..Atlanta,GA, April 16 – 18, 2010

Freaknik April 16th - 18th 2010

Oooh it’s about to be on and the city is about to be crazy.  I told y’all back in February that Freaknik was about to be on.  Now it’s official.  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed tried to denounce Freaknik back in February.  Stating that he hadn’t heard anything.  No one applied for permits is what he said.

Now, days before hand, Mayor Kasim Reed is urging people not to come.  He said Freaknik will put a strain on the Atlanta Police Department.  How about the money that will be pumped into Atlanta?  Atlanta, just like other cities across the United States of America needs as much stimulation as possible.

Check for the Wildly Styley media crew out and about kickin’ it hard at Freaknik 2010!


Freaknik 2010….????

The last time Freaknik was hot was when the Bankhead Bounce dance was out.  Rumor has it that Freaknik will return to Atlanta April 16 -18 2010.  It’s slated to be held at Washington Park.  This could all be a rumor mill.  Hopefully not.  The city of Atlanta could use a boost like that.


This Is Your Neighbor: Chaka Cobb and Ebony Smith….Teacher Fight (cat fight)

I got into fights in grade school.  Many people get into fights in grade school.  It’s a part of the experience.  Here’s the thing…just imagine the look on your face if you saw two female teachers having a fist fight.  A good ol’ down home ‘Cat Fight’.  Personally I would’ve been intrigued.  That’s just me.  Two female teachers Chaka Cobb and Ebony Smith of the Clayton County Georgia Rex Middle School got into a fight in front of students.

What could’ve caused this fight you ask???  A love letter posted on FACE BOOK.  Damn…the social networking sites strikes again.  Read more from THE TRUE SOURCE.


Hottie Of The Day: Montana Deleon

Montana Deleon

Montana Deleon

Height: 5′ 9″ 
Weight: 165 lbs 
Measurements: 38-30-46 
Shoe size: 10 
Hair color: Black 
Hair length: Very Long

Dah dah dah dah dah…..I’m lovin’ it.  Montana Deleon is what I’ll call a freak of nature.  That being a good thing.  There is no denying that this blazing hottie from Atlanta, Gee A is on top of her game.  She has that look that will have the fellas (as well as women) giving up that goods.  If you see her out and about…try not to get tongue tied when you see that ass and them big breasteses.  Check her out at 1900Montana1900 or MySpace Montana or Model Mayham or MONTANA MIX.  Tell her Wildly Styley sent you.  She’ll know what that’s all about.   Whatever else happens…that’s on you!  🙂






Atlanta Floods 2009


The city of Atlanta, GA (Metro Atlanta as well) was practially shut down up until today.  The rain began Saturday 09/19/2009 and really didn’t end until Tuesday 09/22/2009.  Over 100 secondary roads (surface streets) were covered with water and impassable.  Some major interstates were shut down as well.  There were several deaths reported.  Schools and businesses were closed.  People were without power and (ironically) water for a few days.  A whole lot of people had water damage to their homes and didn’t have floor insurance.  Let’s just see how the Federal ENFORCEMENT Management Agency (F.E.M.A.) handles this one.  Read more from the TRUE SOURCE.