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Chrisette Michelle

Chrisette Michelle

One would argue that certain aspects of R&B died with Aaliyah on August 25, 2001.  Outside of Mary J. (the Queen), Beyonce, and now Keyshia Coles, there hasn’t been many female R&B signers who had that staying power.  I mean the power to have hit songs that are well put together.  HIStory has shown us that one hit wonders, pretty faces, and has beens come a dime a dozen.  Please note, I’m not speaking on the Neo Soul or anything along those lines for those getting ready to battle me on this one. 

In comes Chrisette Michelle.  I remember first hearing her on Jay-Z’s song, “Lost One” off of his “Kingdom Come” album.  She wasn’t sing-talking.  She was singing!  He voice was refreshing and a break from all those who sound like each other.  However, I didn’t purchase, Limewire, or iTune any of her music.  There was this chip on my shoulder concern the state of Hip Hop and R&B a that point.  I was loosing my frickin’ mind with all the bullshit that was being played on the radio.  I went back to the lab and began diggin’ in the crates.  I was playing a bunch of 1990’s joints by Aalyiah, Brandy, Mary J., MolesteR. Kelly, etc.  On the Hip Hop side it was Wu-Tang Clan, Illmatic, N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. Big, Craig Mack, Ice Cube, etc. 

Ok, so the other day in the early AM my High Def was on the VH1 channel; watching me sleep.  I though I was dreaming.  I heard that refreshing voice again.  I finally woke up.  Chrisette’s “Epiphany” video was on.  As a recovering music junkie, I found my fix again in the R&B region.  “Epiphany” is the vibe that I’ve been waiting for.  The lyrics along are though provoking and the beat has all the right elements to keep the song on repeat. 

“So I think I’m just about over being your girlfriend”, is part of the chorus.  I’ve never heard a woman make that statement.  That line alone blew away Beyonce’s “Put a ring on it” anthem.  Support this one here.  When her album drops, it will be the first CD hat I purchase since 2002.  This coming from a person who use to purchase 4 to 5 CD’s a month.  Yeah, music has been that that jacked up for me…!