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This Is Your Neighbor: Troy Dale West

I Beat WOMEN & I'm Racist

I Beat WOMEN & I'm Racist

At first glance, one would think he was plain ol’ good ol’ boy who rides around in his pickup truck looking for tress to chop down, lawns to cut, or gutters to clean.  Not so fast there…!   Troy Dale West, known by his family as Troy Dale West, has some serious issues going on.  This fool jumped on and beat Tasha Hill, a Black FEMALE United States Army Offices at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Morrow, GA.

The good ol’ boy attacked the woman because she ‘suggested’ that he be careful when he flung open the Cracker Barrel door almost hitting her young 7-year-old daughter.  This character wasn’t hearing that or taking any lip from a Black woman.  He then commenced to making racial slurs toward her while he was beating her as if  she were a man.  All the while the good Cracker Barrel customers coming and going didn’t do anything immediately.  When the customers had enough of this man pouncing on this female Army Officer, they decided to help her out. 

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