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Freaknik..Atlanta,GA, April 16 – 18, 2010

Freaknik April 16th - 18th 2010

Oooh it’s about to be on and the city is about to be crazy.  I told y’all back in February that Freaknik was about to be on.  Now it’s official.  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed tried to denounce Freaknik back in February.  Stating that he hadn’t heard anything.  No one applied for permits is what he said.

Now, days before hand, Mayor Kasim Reed is urging people not to come.  He said Freaknik will put a strain on the Atlanta Police Department.  How about the money that will be pumped into Atlanta?  Atlanta, just like other cities across the United States of America needs as much stimulation as possible.

Check for the Wildly Styley media crew out and about kickin’ it hard at Freaknik 2010!


Freaknik 2010….????

The last time Freaknik was hot was when the Bankhead Bounce dance was out.  Rumor has it that Freaknik will return to Atlanta April 16 -18 2010.  It’s slated to be held at Washington Park.  This could all be a rumor mill.  Hopefully not.  The city of Atlanta could use a boost like that.