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Alissa Blanton….couldn’t get protection!

She went through the proper channels.  She had 70 plus pages of proof.  She presented evidence that proved she was being stalked.  However that wasn’t enough.  Maybe the incompetent Judge Dean Moxley needed to see 80 pages.  Maybe that would’ve been enough for him to grant a restraining order against 61-year-old Roger Troy.  Who is Roger Troy?  He’s just your everyday old sicko’ who goes to the Hooters restaurant to look at the girls and cross the line.  Well, that’s what he did to Alissa.  To the point where she had to quit and find a new job.

In the mean time and some time later (after Alissa’s failed attempt to get a restraining order) , the 61-year-old arrived at Alissa Blanton’s place of employment and decided to kill her.  I can pretty much guess that ol’ Dean Moxley feels like a dick head right about now.  If this were one of his family members, he would’ve done more.  WTF…!  Read more from THE TRUE SOURCE.