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Movie: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra lived up to all the hype.  I walked into the theater with an open mind hoping that this wouldn’t be a huge disappointment.  There was a lot of action and many other things to hold the male demographic’s attention.  For instance, The Barroness played by Sienna Miller.  I was hook by her tight leather outfit, long black hair, and eye glasses.  There could’ve been more G.I. Joe characters.  The same goes for the Cobra characters.  The down side is the way the movie ended.  You already know there’s going to be a part 2 based off of a few ending variables.   Overall, I highly recommend this movie.


Movie: Madea Goes to Jail

Madea Goes to Jail

Madea Goes to Jail

Not a true fan of his movies, only his TV Shitcoms.  However, big ups to Tyler Perry for coming in at Number 1 this weekend for his “Alternative” ego.  That is Madea.  Madea Goes to Jail is the movie.  Do what you do man.  The fans have spoken.