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Teen Gets Tased at Phillies game

You Can't Escape The Long Arm of The Law

Remember when a person got tackled by authorities because they ran out on the field during a baseball game.  Usually they were drunk or under the influence of a controlled substance.  Also a home town fan.  It’s a known fact that Philadelphia has some of the most rowdy sports fans.  Check the December 15, 1968 NFL game; Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles and the Santa Clause incident.

Now the police have gotten into the act.  What happen to them taking a swing with their night stick?  They traded it in for a Taser Gun that will drop you like a bad habit.  Some unnamed teen decided he wanted to run out onto the field during the game.  What’s this unarmed (I think) kid gonna do to those huge, steroid injecting baseball players besides get his ass whipped?  He’s all American like mom’s apple pie.  Mom’s apple pie never went down like he did.  Read more from THE TRUE SOURCE.