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Old People Being Targeted…SCAM

This is a public announcement.  If you are a senior citizen or know senior citizens, please read the following carefully.  We all know that senior citizens are easy targets for scams.  Scamsters come at them via the US Mail, telephone, and online.  The new scam is rather unique.  Scam artists are calling up elderly people posing as the elderly people’s grandchildren.  W T F! 

They are calling the elderly people in a panic stating that they are in jail, they are in trouble in Mexico, they are about to be evicted, etc.  The elderly people begin to panic.  Mix that with some of them being hard of hearing and the scam proves to be a success.  Of course it doesn’t work all the time, but the times it do, the scamsters get the dollar amount they ask for. 

1.  Tell all the elderly people you know about this scam.

2.  If they get contacted, tell them to hang up the phone and try to call around about the grandchild in question.  If  the grandchild is in trouble, an extra 30 minutes won’t hurt.

3.  Be a good person and check on the elderly people in your building or in your neighborhood.  A lot of elderly people get lonely and want someone to talk to.  Sometimes that someone to talk to turns out to be  up to no good.  Thus being the scamster!