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This Is Your Neighbor: Lorraine Bulloch


Talk about having anger issues.  This time around Lorraine Bulloch of Garden City, GA is going to blame it on the alcohol.  This one here got highly upset because her brother brought home the wrong brand/type of beer.  So upset, she threw a knife at him.  Maybe she’s a King Cobra drinker and he bought Old English 800 or some ol’ Billy D. William Colt 45.

The real kicker to the story is not the fact that she was trying to injure her brother.  The thing is, she threw the knife, her brother ducked, and the knife struck a 3 year old girl.  Read more from THE TRUE SOURCE.


This Is Your Neighbor: Chaka Cobb and Ebony Smith….Teacher Fight (cat fight)

I got into fights in grade school.  Many people get into fights in grade school.  It’s a part of the experience.  Here’s the thing…just imagine the look on your face if you saw two female teachers having a fist fight.  A good ol’ down home ‘Cat Fight’.  Personally I would’ve been intrigued.  That’s just me.  Two female teachers Chaka Cobb and Ebony Smith of the Clayton County Georgia Rex Middle School got into a fight in front of students.

What could’ve caused this fight you ask???  A love letter posted on FACE BOOK.  Damn…the social networking sites strikes again.  Read more from THE TRUE SOURCE.