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Real Interview: Montana Deleon

Montana Deleon

Gee Pleezer:  Where are you from?
Montana Deleon:  Miami, FL

GP:  How did you get started in modeling?
MD:  A model scout recruited me in the post office.

GP:  Are there any trailblazers in the industry that you look up to?
MD:  Yes, Trya Banks.

GP:  What do you think are your best features; both physical and non-physical?
MD:  My eyes and my down to earth personality.

GP:  What are some of your current interests? Any Hobbies?
MD:  I like writing relationship books.

GP:  What type of personality do you have?
MD:  Outgoing, funny, down to earth and out spoken.

GP:  What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
MD:  Bought me a vibrator.

GP:  Worst ever work experience?
MD:  None.

GP:  What qualities do find attractive.
MD:  Success.

GP:  Can you tell us something about yourself that people would find shocking?
MD:  I ride motorcycles.

GP:  Any future plans? Any business endeavors?
MD:  I’m working on my own love, sex, and relationship talk show.  Also I’m finishing up my first book entitled “How to Treat a Man like a King”.

GP:  Any last words for the fans?
MD:  Please stay tuned to