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Mass firings at Rhode Island high school

Talk about sticking it to public school system.  88 teachers and other support staff will be phased out by the end of the school year.  They are part of the worst high school in Rhode Island.  There had been attempts made to make things better.  However, the all mighty teacher’s union wasn’t having it.  The union set those 88 people up for failure.  Read more from THE TRUE SOURCE.


Mom takes a bite out of education…

This is the epitome of a “Ride or Die” chic.  Aleyda Uceta, the mother, was down for the cause.  The cause that is…her child.  Now I’m not saying she should have done what she did, but I understand.  I think?  Hopefully she was in the right.  However, these situations normally don’t turn out right.  Anyway that’s enough of that…. Read more from THE TRUE SOURCE.