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Faux Interview: Tiara Harris

Tiara Harris

Tiara Harris

Gee Pleezer (GP): Tiara Harris

Tiara Harris (TH): That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

GP: You’re a sassy one I see.  Anyway, so what makes you stand out from all the other Internet models?

TH: What doesn’t?  I’m 5’10” first of all.  Most of these “fly by night” so called Internet models are short.  What they call thick, I call fat.  2nd, I’m a natural beauty.  Never airbrushed or photo shopped.

GP: I see what you mean.

TH: West Sideeee..! (she actually made W’s with her fingers)

GP: What?

TH: I was shoutin’ out where I’m from. (she made W’s again with her fingers)

GP: Oh…okay.  On a normal day out and about, has anyone ever mistaken you for a prostitute?

TH: Once or twice.

GP: So….

TH: So I told the police officers I only do private parties.  We finalized the deal on the spot. 

GP:  Yeah, okay.  What the business with your website.

TH: I thought you’d never ask.  My site is tight.  I’m a pioneer in that area.  I revolutionized the whole internet model thing. 

GP: Do you believe you have the staying power.  I mean, you have Super Head, Diznee, Bria Miles, and Buffy the Body to compete with.

TH:  LOL…you’re funny.  I see YOU lookin’.  You like this ass..don’t you!  You’re probably rock hard.  Come on now, I’m the baddest bitch in the industry.

GP:  (she ain’t lying about that) Super Head and Buffy has been on the national stage.  Super Head did Oprah, and Buffy was “Big Booty Judy” in the movie ATL.

TH: So…I’m Tiara…I paved the way for them.  I started the big booty movement.  Ya heard me!

GP: Any tips for the wanna be booty models?

TH: Yes.  Cellulite is NOT cute.  Cottage Cheese thighs aren’t sexy.  Big stomachs and stretch marks are a no no.  If you’re going to suck a rapper’s dick make sure you at least get a part in the video. 

GP: There you have it.  Thanks for your time and I wish you well.

TH:  You wish you could smack this ass….don’t you Gee Pleezer?  It’s all good.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to…

GP:  You’re a tease. 

TH: See ya’ around like a doughnut!